The Global Market for M2M & Intelligent Gateways

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The growing number of connected devices presents a wealth of opportunities to embedded hardware and software suppliers, enterprises, OEMs, and services providers. The resulting surge in data and networking requirements demands new hardware platforms on the edge of embedded networks to support a growing array of applications and services. This research analyzes the growing market for M2M & intelligent gateway devices and their growing role in connecting the Internet of Things.

What questions are addressed?

  • Which industries are driving the market for M2M and intelligent gateways?
  • How is the role of standards influencing the adoption and deployment of gateways?
  • What is the current and anticipated deployment rate of cloud services through gateways?
  • What connectivity protocols and standards are finding the most use for leading applications?
  • Who is leading the markets for M2M and intelligent gateway devices and hardware?
  • What embedded engineering concerns should OEMs be wary of when developing gateway solutions?
  • How does the value chain for gateway solutions compare to traditional embedded markets?

Who should read this report?

This research program is written for those making critical decisions regarding product, market, channel, and competitive strategy and tactics. This report is intended for senior decision-makers who are developing embedded technology, including those in the following roles:

  • Corporate development and M&A teams
  • Marketing executives
  • Business development and sales leaders
  • Product development and product strategy leaders
  • Channel management and channel strategy leaders

Executive Summary

[Data available in full report.] M2M and intelligent gateways have evolved from proof-of-concept demonstrations to become a major global market. Gateways are emerging in parallel with the pervasive Internet of Things (IoT) and are increasingly important as M2M connections flood end- user networks. The advent of cloud-based services through gateways will further drive market opportunities for a variety of players including device OEMs, embedded hardware suppliers, software vendors, solution providers, and more. However, end-to-end industry applications require secure interoperability and standards across embedded hardware and software – from silicon to the cloud. Strategic partnerships and collaboration will be critical to facilitating industry solutions that will drive the market for M2M and intelligent gateways through 2018.

Key Findings

  • From 2013 to 2018, the total market for M2M and intelligent gateways will grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of XX.X% to reach more than $X.XB.
  • The majority of gateway shipments are sold to the Americas, and revenue shares for the region are expected to grow throughout the forecast period.
  • Influence of the market will be largely driven by semiconductor players and T1 OEMs.
  • Intelligent gateways facilitating the creation and deployment of new applications and services will see the strongest growth.
  • We expect rapid adoption of cloud-based services deployed through gateways in the next 12 months.
  • Embedded security and integration of hardware and software are chief concerns among developing M2M and intelligent gateway devices and solutions.

Global Market Overview and Forecast

Global Market at a Glance

Global Market Ideas & Insights

Five-Year Forecast: IoT Driving Market Expansion

The market for M2M & intelligent gateways will grow at a CAGR of XX.X% from 2013 through 2018 to reach more than $X.XB. In 2013, the market for gateway devices and supporting hardware, software, and support services totaled approximately $XXXM. The gateways ecosystem is vast yet still in its infancy, with many businesses just now launching or planning M2M products or services to take advantage of the pervasive IoT. Growing networking requirements will also drive greater need for support at the edge of end users’ embedded device networks. New revenue opportunities and technical requirements will drive the market for M2M & intelligent gateways for the next several years.

Providers of intelligent gateway solutions facilitating the creation and/or deployment of new applications and services will see the greatest growth in the M2M and intelligent gateways market. For example, suppliers like Cradlepoint, Eurotech, and Sierra Wireless support their gateway products with cloud-based platforms helping create end-to-end solutions. Specific gateway requirements of power, range, latency, and other embedded criteria will also drive the market for more industry solutions in light of general-purpose devices.

Semiconductor vendors will play an extremely influential role in the development of gateways and the IoT in general. For example, Intel is making drastic moves in the market to position its company and architectures in the center of embedded gateway solution stacks. In April 2014, the company launched its Gateways Solutions for the IoT platform, which includes a variety of pre- integrated hardware and software building blocks for OEMs to tailor their gateway solutions. The new platform leverages the combined market expertise and leadership of its subsidiaries McAfee and Wind River.

The value of an M2M or intelligent gateway solution is increasingly derived from the embedded or supported software platforms. Many OEMs are taking advantage of the scalability of the cloud to create new commercial and value-add applications and services. Eurotech was one of the first suppliers to deploy this strategy with its Everywhere Cloud. This transformation also enables more opportunities for subscription-based relationships with end users. By satisfying more (if not all) end-user requirements for hardware and software of their IoT initiatives, gateway suppliers can mitigate concerns of forming a complete M2M solution.

Recent Developments

Issues over standardization of IoT communications and security will produce more open collaborations and forums seeking influence of the software stack. Just this past year, the market has seen the formation of the Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC), Open Interconnect Consortium (OIC), and the Thread Group by various technology leaders including ARM, AT&T, Broadcom, Cisco Systems (Cisco), Dell, GE, Google, Intel, Samsung, and others. Relatively new M2M/IoT protocols continue to be developed as well, such as AllJoyn, CoAP, DDS, MQTT, and many others.

Some vendors made keen acquisitions in the past 12 months to bolster application and security support. In Q3 2013, Cisco acquired cyber security firm Sourcefire for $2.7B to accelerate its “Internet of Everything” strategy. Sierra Wireless acquired Motion Technology, a leader in mobile automotive enterprise solutions, in March 2014. Likewise, CalAmp acquired Radio Satellite Integrators, a mobile resource management solutions provider for municipal governments, to augment its public safety solutions in late 2013.

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