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When Your Public Network Leaves Back Doors Unlocked for Attackers, Let RAN Wireless Lock Your Data in a Private Network That Has No Doors.

The Cybersecurity Story that Scares Smart Business Leaders.

There are data breaches. There are mega breaches. And then there’s First American.

In June of 2019, real estate and title insurance giant First American had 885 million confidential customer financial records, dating back to 2003, openly exposed on its website for anyone to access.

The exposed records included social security numbers, bank account numbers and statements, mortgage and tax documents, driver's license images, and transaction receipts—an absolute gold mine for scammers or identity thieves.

Who did this affect?

Millions of people. First American is the number one title insurance firm in the U.S., a Fortune 500 with over 18,000 employees. The company is often party to both the buyer and lender sides of real estate transactions. And the detailed financial and personal information in closings involves data about buyers and sellers.

First American’s customers and employees were outraged. Every finger was pointed at the company’s decision makers for negligence.

How serious is this?

The First American exposure underscores just how little progress companies have made on locking down important customer and business data. Impenetrable security is impossible, but many businesses still overlook basic errors.

Until other measures are taken, disasters like First American, or worse, will keep happening.

Does your business make these mistakes?

A lot of businesses manage data security as an afterthought. They transmit data over shared, public networks—exposing every shred of their business-critical data to attackers.

This is already very risky. But if your business is implementing IoT solutions and generating mountains of data from sensors, you’re giving attackers more information to steal.

Forecasts say there will be anywhere from 20 to 40 billion connected IoT devices by 2023. Clearly, we need more concrete security requirements than we had in the past.

You need a way to send data securely over a separate network, completely detached from the public internet—a ‘members only’ network.

A network that lets you avoid data breaches by transmitting your data independently…

…one that lets you cover your entire metropolitan area…

…and one that lets you scale your business without ever questioning the strength of your security.

Why should your business switch to a private network from a public network you’re already using?

The answer to that question is simple, really.

First, and most obviously, you’ll cement your security. Our secure, private network guarantees that no outside device can gain access. It’s limited to only registered devices.

Unlike public networks—which transmit data through coaxial cables, fiber-optics and ethernets that can be compromised more easily than you think—our network’s settings are encoded in routers and access points only for devices that we grant access to.

Second, you’ll cut costs by sharing company data instantly where stakeholders have access. This’ll speed up the communication process and saves you hundreds of hours over time.

Cutting costs and saving time by locking down security? That’s what our secure, private network is doing for our customers.

Thirdly, you’ll take advantage of data insights by centralizing all your business data. With our private network, different departments of your company will connect, share resources more efficiently and work together more effectively.

Would you build your business on a weak foundation?

Your business’s future success depends on how seriously you take the investment in highly robust security measures.

It depends how invested you are in laying the foundation for protection over the next 30 years, even if it means dealing with complicated, difficult security concepts right now.

When the topic is IoT data security, risk averse is the smartest way you can be. Invest in risk aversion by switching to a Secure, Private Network today.

Learn how your business can benefit from what we offer at RAN Wireless by reaching out to us today.

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