Unified IoT Platform

Our end-to-end technology IoT technology enables straightforward provisioning, management, and automation of connected devices.

Let’s define an IoT Platform in plain, simple language.

If you’re considering an Internet of Things (IoT) solution for your business, it’s important that you understand what an IoT Platform is.

In its simplest terms, an IoT Platform is an integrated service that offers you the things you need to bring physical objects online. It’s the support software that connects everything in a complete IoT system. This includes connecting sensor hardware, access points, and data networks to end-user applications.

What does an IoT Platform do?

An IoT Platform is software that’s a part of an overall IoT system. This software is responsible for analyzing the data it’s collecting from sensors and making decisions (e.g knowing from moisture data that it just rained and then telling the irrigation system not to turn on today).

A complete IoT system also needs a user interface—which is included in an IoT Platform. To make all of this sensor data useful, there needs to be a way for users to interact with the IoT system (e.g a web-based app with a dashboard that shows moisture trends and allows users to manually turn irrigation systems on or off).

Think of an IoT Platform as the middleman between the data collected from sensors and the application you’ll use to manage your system.

With all the varying kinds of hardware and different connectivity options, there needs to be a simple way of making everything work together.

RAN Wireless’ Unified IoT Platform can solve that problem.

Our IoT Platform helps you:

  • Connect hardware, such as sensors and factory devices, to the internet.
  • Provide security and authentication for devices and users.
  • Collect, visualize, and analyze data the sensors and devices gather.
  • Integrate all of the above with your existing business systems and other web services.

IoT deployments are complex and you need a partner who can help you through the product development process. That’s why we stay with you after deployment. We treat our IoT Platform like a strategic partnership and offer expert customer support whenever you need it.

Simplify Your Business by Combining Your OT and IT Systems

Before RAN Wireless: Your operational technology (OT) and information technology (IT) systems are siloed, separate, and not communicating with each other. Your business units are locked into specific OT and IT vendors, product plans, and release cycles. It’s costing you money, and it’s inefficient.

After RAN Wireless: Your OT and IT systems are connected and sharing important information. You aren’t dealing with too many vendors. Projects in your OT and IT business units get faster results because you’re pulling insights from a combined data set. You’re not wasting any money, and it’s efficient.

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