Secure, Private Network

Simply put, a private, isolated network that never touches the public internet and provides a way to share data safely and independently.

As Industrial IoT Moves Forward, There Exists One Universal Truth.

The growth of the Internet of Things—with its endless possibilities, millions of saved hours, billions of devices, and trillions of dollars—will be dictated by how much trust we have in this one universal truth.

That truth is the importance of network security.

This is so important; we’ll say it again.

The potential of the Internet of Things (IoT) is only limited to our imaginations. But it’ll only work if we tie it all back to one bottom line: network security.

How can we do this?

Your IoT Data Should
Touch the Open Internet.

In many ways, IoT security is being managed like IT security back in the 1990’s—as an afterthought.

This has to stop.

Forecasts say there will be anywhere from 20 to 40 billion connected IoT devices by 2023. Clearly, we need more concrete security requirements than we had in the past.

Business broadband won’t work. Cellular networks and data centers won’t work. Global networks won’t work.

You need a way to send data securely over a separate network, completely detached from the public internet— a ‘members only’ network.

A network that lets you avoid data breaches by transmitting your data independently…

…one that lets you cover your entire metropolitan area

…and one that lets you scale your business without ever questioning the strength of your security.

And these security benefits are exactly what RAN Wireless can give you with our Secure, Private Network.

Our team of engineers and IoT scientists can help you avoid the trap of sending your critical data over shared public networks like cellular carriers or business broadband. We’ll help you understand the importance of protecting your data by switching to our Secure, Private Network that guarantees you’ll avoid cybersecurity threats.

Unlike other IoT providers, we don’t risk your data over consumer-oriented networks or frequencies. We keep it locked over a 220-222 Mhz network—the most isolated, private access option available. Cybercriminals looking to exploit your data cannot and will not get in.

Your Enterprise’s Security is in Your Own Hands.

Whether or not your business decides to take the right security measures is completely up to you.

The IoT market is moving, and it’s moving towards private networks that tread separately from the public internet.

Leading enterprises want to avoid breaches like what happened to RSA Security in 2011, when close to 40 million employee records were stolen. Or when hackers stole the names, emails, birthdates, and phone numbers of 500 million Yahoo! users in 2014.

And, unfortunately, there are countless other examples.

IoT industry experts—sensor makers, device makers, engineers, systems designers, managers, integrators—all agree that IoT data can’t continue to operate unprotected over wide open wireless networks like business broadband or cellular data carriers.

Would you build your business on a weak foundation?

Your business’s future success depends on how seriously you take the investment in highly robust security measures.

It depends how invested you are in laying the foundation for protection over the next 30 years, even if it means dealing with complicated, difficult security concepts right now.

When the topic is IoT data security, risk averse is the smartest way you can be. Invest in risk aversion by switching to a Secure, Private Network today.

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